F-Gas Simplified


What is F-Gas?

F-Gas is an EU regulation which was introduced to reduce the leakage of HFC type refrigerants.

What Is Refrigerant?

All air conditioning units contain refrigerant, it is the substance travelling through the copper pipework between the evaporator and condenser (commonly the indoor and outdoor unit). It is required for the cooling/heating operation to take place.


End Users Responsibilities:

As the owner of the air conditioning equipment, you are responsible for F-Gas compliance.
It is your responsibility to ensure your systems have leak checks carried out by a certified and qualified air conditioning company.


Do F-Gas Regulations Apply To My Air Conditioning Equipment?

Below is a guideline on how often your air conditioning unit should be F-Gas leak checked based on the refrigerant type and quantity.


  • Every 6 Months Every 12 MonthsRefrigerant Type
  • 27KG > 269KG 2.7KG > 26.9KG R22
  • 35KG > 349KG 3.5KG > 34.9KG  R134A
  • 28KG > 279KG  2.8KG > 27.9KG R407C
  • 21KG > 209KG  2.1KG > 20.9KG  R417A
  • 24KG > 239KG  2.4KG > 23.9KG  R410A

The quantity and refrigerant type is usually printed on the data plate which is located on the outdoor unit.

Most air conditioning units installed in commercial and industrial applications will contain 3kg or more of refrigerant.

Key Facts:

04/07/2006 – F-Gas regulations were approved by european
parliament and became a legal obligation.
04/07/2007 – F-Gas regulations came into full force

AccuTemp Limited achieved F Gas certification by a governing body REFCOM
(Reg No: REF1009160)

AccuTemp Limited are certified by the Environment Agency
(Reg No CB/SE5483XP)