Does AccuTemp repair Air Conditioning in vehicles?
Unfortunately we do not repair air conditioning in vehicles.
How often does my Air Conditioning need to be serviced?
AccuTemp recommends a minimum of two service visits per annum for most applications. If the systems encounter heavy usage, we may recommend additional visits. Click here to read more
What is F-Gas? Does it apply to me?
F-Gas is an EU regulation which was introduced to reduce the leakage of HFC type refrigerants.   Air Conditioning equipment that contains over 3kg of refrigerant require leak checks to be carried out in accordance with F-Gas Regulations.   Most air conditioning units installed in commercial and industrial applications will contain 3kg or more of refrigerant.   F-Gas leak tests are included as standard in our maintenance contracts. Please contact us today to obtain a free quotation.
Why service Air Conditioning?
Air Conditioning systems, similarly to almost all other equipment with mechanical components, require regular maintenance to ensure the system is operating correctly and to prolong the life of the system.   It also ensures you are experiencing maximum performance and efficiency from the system.   Other benefits of an AccuTemp maintenance plan includes free F-Gas checks and reduced call out/labour costs.
How much does an Air Conditioning service cost?
AccuTemp maintenance contracts start from £90 per annum (exc VAT). Prices will vary depending on equipment quantity and number of visits per annum.
Air Conditioning not working?
If your air conditioning is not working, we would recommend you check that all associated isolators and circuit breakers are switched on prior to booking a call out. If the controller is displaying a fault code, this should be recorded and reported to us upon booking a call out.
Air Conditioning is not cooling/heating?
If your air conditioning is not cooling, this could be due to several different factors. Basic checks to carry out before requesting a call out would be to ensure the operation settings on the controller are programmed correctly. Also that all windows and doors are closed.
Air Conditioning leaking water?
If your air conditioning unit is leaking water, this could be due to a failure of the condensate pump or blockage in the drains. The best action would be to isolate power to the air conditioning equipment to reduce this risks of damage/fire.   
Smell from Air Conditioning unit?
If smells are being produced by the air conditioning unit, this could be due to several different factors. These include a build up of smells on the evaporator coil, dirty air filters or condensate drain problems.


AccuTemp would recommend to have the unit serviced, we will then interrogate the cause of the smells and action accordingly.
Air conditioning and legionella disease?
Legionella bacteria is typically found in water which is stored at approximately 20C - 50C. Typical air conditioning systems are not at risk of legionella's disease. This mostly applies to cooling towers which are used in large industrial applications.  
Why AccuTemp?
AccuTemp pride's itself on the many years of experience our engineers have in installing, servicing and commissioning air conditioning systems of all major brands. We also operate with a fixed pricing plan. We do not charge our customers for travel time to there property, parking expenses or fuel expenses. This is all included within our fixed call out cost. Please contact us today for a price to maintain or repair your air conditioning equipment.
Does my Air Conditioning gas need to be topped up?
Air conditioning units are sealed systems an do not require regular top ups.  It is illegal to top up the refrigerant in your air conditioning system until the source of the leak has been located and repaired.   
Does AccuTemp service air conditioning equipment which was installed by another company?
Yes, we service air conditioning units installed by others along as you are no longer in contract with them.
Does AccuTemp offer its services in my area?
Please click here to check coverage.